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Most couples do everything that they can to work out their differences before parting ways, but when a divorce becomes necessary, one should always retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney. There are many factors that need to be considered when a couple is going through divorce proceedings, and sometimes the emotion surrounding the event can lead to decisions that may prove to be regrettable later on. Your lawyer will assist you in wading through the details and assist in drafting an amicable divorce settlement agreement if it is at all possible.

If both parties agree that a divorce is the best course of action and neither is attempting to place the blame on the other, divorce law allows for a no-fault divorce. There are also divorce proceedings that do in fact claim fault, and there are a total of twelve different fault grounds. These include instances of adultery, abuse, marriage between related individuals, impotence as of the marriage date, mental issues, criminal acts, and certain substance abuse problems.

If you and your spouse disagree about important matters like the division of property and debt, child support, potential alimony, child custody, visitation rights, and future expenses such as the medical bills and college tuition of the children, it is especially important to retain the services of a divorce lawyer. These are extremely complex and sensitive matters; the financial aspects of a contested divorce are profound, and the impact can last for a very long time.

But matters such as child custody and visitation rights are extremely important as well, and it is essential that you make sure that your rights are being vigorously advocated. Feelings are often very intense during a contested divorce, and it is usually best to allow your attorney to represent your best interests. Even if you have come to an agreement with your spouse concerning the details of the divorce, it is still a good idea to engage the services of a divorce lawyer.

Divorce filings are a matter of legal record, and few laypeople have experience with these types of matters. To be certain that your divorce is legal, binding, and in accordance with agreed upon parameters, legal representation is a must.

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