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The Law Office of Kimberly G. Turner represents clients in a wide range of matters involving the most personal and sensitive legal issues that affect every aspect of families in transition. Our attorneys handle both routine and complex cases, using top notch advocacy and negotiation skills to represent individuals in every aspect of family law, including:



Our attorneys regularly prosecute and defend divorce actions. Whether based on fault or no-fault, our attorneys have the ability to obtain a divorce in the most time efficient and cost effective manner. Many cases involve business interests, real estate, retirement plans and investments. We have experience in identifying the marital estate, valuing it and negotiating or, where necessary, litigating an equitable division. Our attorneys also analyze income, earning capacity and expenses in determining the length and amount of alimony appropriate in each case. In addition, where necessary, our attorneys seek interim relief for clients during the course of a divorce proceeding. This relief, available under the court’€™s broad equitable powers, includes preservation of assets, occupancy of the marital home and interim distributions of marital assets. The highly effective courtroom capabilities of our attorneys are demonstrated in these proceedings.


Upon separation, issues of child support, spousal support, separate maintenance and/or alimony pendente lite must be addressed. Whether the parties are W-2 wage earners, sole proprietors or shareholders in a corporation, our attorneys are experienced at analyzing tax returns and accurately calculating income for determination of support. Whether the support case requires a simple Guideline calculation or a more detailed analysis, our attorneys are experienced at handling both situations. Furthermore, we will insure that the presentation to the court will be clear and concise, so that the resulting order will be fair and correct.


One of the most important areas of our practice is the legal and physical custody of minor children. Whether the issue is relocation, primary physical custody, or third-party rights, we counsel our clients on all aspects of physical and legal custody and assist in developing a custodial arrangement that is truly in the best interest of the child. Where there is the ability to negotiate an appropriate schedule, we will actively pursue this option first. If however, litigation is necessary, a thoroughly prepared case will be presented to the court.


Unfortunately, there are cases which require obtaining or defending against an Order or Protection. Our attorneys are experienced in this quasi-criminal proceeding.


The preparation of both pre- and post-marital agreements is an important part of this practice. We are skilled in all aspects of negotiating and drafting.


Our attorneys handle name changes for clients as part of a divorce action. We also handle name changes for minors and adults who wish to change their names for other valid and appropriate reasons.


From commencement of the voluntary or involuntary relinquishment of parental rights through the entry of the adoption decree, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to efficiently and effectively process both uncontested and/or contested adoptions.


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